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IRS Tax Law. It is literally all that I do. Read more to learn how your IRS tax lawyer for Texans can get the IRS off of your back for good and let you get on with what you do best - living life at its fullest!
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I Fix IRS Tax Problems

As an IRS Lawyer for Texans, I know tax law. It's all I do. Offer in compromise settlement? No problem! Lien removal? Of course! Tax audits? You betcha. If it is IRS related, I've got your back.

Money Back Guarantee

I'm good at what I do. Like really good. And I put my money where my mouth is. Ask us today about our IRS Tax Settlement money back guarantee. We're one of the only IRS lawyers for Texas to offer this.

Licensed and Local

We are licensed to practice before the IRS and the U.S. tax court. Although I do everything remote and virtually, my Texas office is right in down-town Houston (at the Binz building), and we can represent any taxpayer in Texas before the IRS.

Local. Licensed. Family-oriented. IRS Lawyer.

J. M. Sells Law is a small, licensed, boutique tax firm that ONLY deals with IRS tax. We're not one of those large operations or a ``law firm fake.`` We're the real deal. We know IRS tax. It's all that we do!
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A single-minded focus on getting results.

As a licensed IRS lawyer for Texas with over ten years of experience dealing with complex IRS tax issues, I will take your tax case off of your hands so you don’t have to deal with the IRS anymore. When I tackle your tax case, you’ll enjoy immediate relief, followed by a fresh start.

Tax attorney Joshua Sells has been practicing before the IRS for many years. As an IRS and Tax Court licensed IRS lawyer, he knows how to take your tax case off of your hands so you don’t have to deal with the IRS. When he tackles your tax crisis, you’ll enjoy immediate relief, followed by a fresh start! Josh will tell the IRS that he is your attorney and to communicate ONLY with him. He'll find the best possible solution and get your tax issue fixed.

Why Choose J. M. Sells Law as your IRS Lawyer from Texas?

J. M. Sells Law is licensed before the IRS and the U.S. Tax Court. Not only is the firm accredited by the BBB and have received stellar customer service awards, but J. M. Sells Law offers a money back guarantee and is one of the few IRS Lawyers to offer interest-free payments plans.
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Recent success stories

I have done hundreds of IRS settlements and have helped over 700 clients tackle their IRS problems. I put my money where my mouth is with a money back guarantee.
Lawrence had a tax balance of over $6M to the IRS. His case took a while as it was so complex and we had to file an appeal (appeals are included with our cases at no extra charge). Ultimately, we were able to settle his back tax for just over $100k.
Lawrence Owed IRS $6,061,857
Chris had an IRS tax balance of right around $30,000. After working an Offer in Compromise tax settlement on his behalf, we were able to save him over $27,000 and he now has the IRS off of his back.
Chris Owed IRS $29,721
Andy owed over $50k to the IRS. After a successful IRS Offer in Compromise, his personal and corporate liabilities were completely wiped out.
Andy Owed IRS $51,847
Best Tax Attorney
Jessica owed over $200,000. We found some errors with her account and were able to quickly get them resolved, resulting in her owing $0!
Jessica Owed over $200,000
Chip was stressed beyond belief by the IRS. We were able to get him a financial hardship and he paid the IRS $0 - they wiped out his balance.
Chip Owed IRS $11,296
Steve came to us with an IRS tax debt of almost $120,000. He was close to the statute of limitations date, so we utilized a set of techniques to stall the IRS and ultimately, they wrote off the full balance. Steve owed $0 to the IRS when we were finished.
Steve Owed IRS $119,782

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J. M. Sells Law has an office in the Binz Building in downtown Houston

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We do no do in-person meetings and handle everything remotely for your convenience. Call our IRS Lawyer for Texas today!