IRS Delinquent Tax Returns

An income tax attorney for Texas can help you get caught up with your delinquent tax returns.

You may feel overwhelmed and have not filed for many years. Don't sweat it. This is certainly not my first rodeo. I have been getting Texas taxpayers current with IRS delinquent returns for years. Typically, the IRS only requires the last six years of returns filed. Additionally, I can pull your Wage and Income transcripts from the IRS to get wage information that we filed with the IRS even if you don't have those W-2s anymore.

Check out our 4-step process I use to get delinquent IRS tax returns current.

Get Help from a Income Tax Attorney for Texas.

Get your delinquent returns current today.
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I want to get these delinquent tax returns caught up.

If there is one thing I do a lot of as an Income Tax Attorney for Texas, it is getting delinquent tax returns caught up. This can be overwhelming, so let us do the heavy lifting.

As an Income Tax Attorney for Texas, almost all of our clients come to us with delinquent IRS tax returns. My firm does it all. We also help you resolve any back tax balances from the returns too!

J. M. Sells Law can get your returns caught up with the IRS so you can get on with your life. If you don’t file your returns, the IRS may audit you and create “substitute for returns” without your input.

Besides income tax returns, it is also important to make sure that your payroll returns are current too (if you are a business-owner).

We follow four basic steps when preparing IRS delinquent tax returns.

(1) Online Tax Questionnaire (a good IRS income tax attorney will make this step as easy as possible)

We’ve seen it before. Complicated forms that you have to complete. Page upon page of information requests. You probably wouldn’t have delinquent returns if you could have done that.

We make it easy. At J. M. Sells Law, we use our own proprietary online tax questionnaire to get your basic information. Information like names, socials, kids, marital status, etc.  It’s real basic stuff.

And the easy part is you can do it from the comfort of your home or office. You can do it on the phone or on the computer. You get to pick.

(2) IRS Wage and Income Transcripts

Okay, so this part is pretty awesome. We’re one of the only income tax attorneys that will do this. We’ll actually pull your W&I transcripts from the IRS for all of the years that we are doing returns.

Pretty cool, huh? We’ll know exactly what was reported to the IRS (1099s, W-2s, etc.). We use this information to build out your returns. Because honestly, who has a W-2 from six years ago?

Our clients love that we are able to to do this. It really helps expedite the return preparation process.

(3) Tax Return Preparation

We work our magic. We will prepare the missing delinquent returns. We know how to make sure that the returns won’t get flagged by the IRS (missing ACA healthcare information or expired credits, etc.). We’re good at this. We are income tax attorneys, after all.

(3) Return Review and Filing

The final step involves you giving the returns a review and signing off of them. We won’t file anything without your permission.

We will electronically file the prior three years’ returns and will mail in older returns to the appropriate IRS service center. Don’t worry – we are with you every step of the way.

Once your returns are current, it is important to see if you qualify for an IRS Offer in Compromise to settle your balances, if any.

Get Your Delinquent Returns Current with a IRS Income Tax Attorney for Texas Today.

If you are ready to have a Income Tax Attorney get your returns caught up, click here to get the process started today. Or call us directly for a free consultation at 330-331-7611.


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