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There are certain ways that an IRS Tax Lien Attorney can remove a tax lien. We will discuss those below.

But the best way to get rid of an IRS tax lien is to settle the back tax.

Explore the steps below of an IRS Offer in Compromise. This is the preferred way to remove a tax lien. Other methods are discussed below.

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What other methods are there to remove an IRS tax lien?

As an IRS Tax Lien Attorney, I know the various ways to remove tax liens. Besides the Offer in Compromise, there are four other methods to deal with an IRS ta lien.

As an IRS tax lien attorney for Texas, I get asked a lot about dealing with federal tax liens. Besides dealing with the lien through an IRS Offer in Compromise or other tax resolution, there are four other ways to deal with a tax lien.

Many times, after an IRS audit is assessed against a taxpayer, the IRS may file a tax lien against you, which comes as a surprise to many!

(1) DDIA Lien Withdrawal (a good IRS tax lien attorney uses this trick a lot)

If you have a tax lien against you and enter into an IRS direct debit installment agreement, the IRS will typically agree (rather easily) to withdrawal the tax lien. However, there are a few requirements before they will grant this request.

  • Balance must be under $25,000
  • You never defaulted before on a direct debt installment agreement
  • Your IRS balance will be full paid in 6 years or less (and before the statute of limitations)
  • You are current with your estimated tax or withholding requirements

(2) IRS Lien Subordination

If you are trying to get a cash-out refinance of your mortgage to pay down some of your tax debt, or, you are trying to get a lower mortgage payment, the IRS may grant a limited lien subordination.

This just means that the lien is “released” secondary to the mortgaging bank, but only for purposes of the real estate the loan is attached to.

(3) IRS Lien Discharge

If you are trying to sell an asset and will use the proceeds to pay down your tax liability, the IRS will grant a discharge under certain circumstances. Or, if there is no equity (common in certain real estate transactions), the IRS may discharge the lien for that particular asset.

(4) IRS Lien Withdrawal

Finally, if the tax lien is causing some kind of hardship that will limit your ability to earn an income, the IRS may allow the withdrawal. You will have to show that your job or source of income depends on not having a tax lien.

As an example, if your job requires a security clearance and the tax lien will prevent you from getting a passing security clearance, the IRS will typically allow the withdrawal. They understand that without the job, you will likely not have money to pay the back tax. So, it is not only your best interest, but also the government’s best interest.

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