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If you need tax debt relief, then you are at the right place. As an IRS tax attorney for Fort Worth, I deal with IRS back taxes all the time.

There are basically three ways to resolve IRS back taxes if you need tax debt relief.

No matter which option, they all involve four basic steps. Take a look below.

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IRS Tax Debt Relief is what I do day in and day out as an IRS Tax Attorney for Fort Worth.

As an IRS attorney for Fort Worth, TX, I tell my clients that there are basically three ways to get IRS tax debt relief.

(1) Offer in Compromise (an IRS tax attorney for Forth Worth does a lot of these)

The first option for IRS tax debt relief is an Offer in Compromise. This is the classic tax settlement, where you settle your IRS back taxes for a fraction of what you owe. This is the longest and most complicated process to resolve your back taxes.

An IRS Offer in Compromise is determined by your income and assets. Typically, if you have lower income and lower assets, you would want to do an IRS Offer in Compromise. You certainly get the most bang for your buck. I always evaluate clients for this IRS tax debt relief option.

(2) Installment Agreements

Not as exciting as an OIC, but these are typically super fast to set up. If you are mid to high income, or, you have higher assets, an installment agreement is likely for you.

They typically set up within 30-60 days and the payment can come out of your checking account automatically with a Direct Debit installment agreement. An IRS tax attorney can also work with the IRS to prevent a tax lien from being filed as a condition of the installment agreement.

(1) Financial Hardship

This IRS tax debt relief was meant to be a temporary fix, but many clients find this to be a good solution. If you are under a financial hardship, the IRS will agree to close your collection case while you are under that hardship.

This is a great IRS tax debt relief to get the IRS off your back, even if temporary.

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