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J. M. Sells Law specializes in finding an IRS tax solution to complex IRS tax problems. My firm focuses exclusively on IRS tax, including back tax resolution and tax audits. We are BBB A+ rated with a money back guarantee. Contact us today to get a free case analysis.

My Texas office is located in downtown Houston at the Binz building, but we represent taxpayers from all across Texas before the IRS.

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J. M. Sells Law has the IRS tax solution to solve your IRS problem. We specialize in back tax resolution (such as the IRS Offer in Compromise) and IRS tax audit representation.

Our BBB A+ rated Texas office is in downtown Houston at the Binz Building. We do not meet in person, but offer convenient virtual and phone consultations.

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A note from tax attorney, Joshua Sells

Are you sitting up nights worrying about your home and wages being taken by the IRS? Dodging phone calls and letters, hoping the threat of losing everything you’ve worked for will disappear?

I’ve been in your shoes. I, too, spent agonizing months imagining utter ruin when I faced the same peril years ago. At some point, you simply have to face the music. And the sooner you face it, the less costly your outcome will be, and the sooner you’ll find yourself breathing a whole lot easier.

Today, I own an IRS tax law firm dedicated to helping Texans in crisis.

As a licensed tax attorney with over ten years of experience navigating complex tax issues, I will take your tax case off of your hands so you don’t have to deal with the IRS. When I tackle your tax crisis, you’ll enjoy immediate relief, followed by a fresh start! I’ll tell the IRS we’re your attorney and to communicate ONLY with me. I’ll stop IRS collection efforts, including wage garnishment. I’ll find the best possible IRS tax solution and get your tax issue fixed.

I’m no stranger to going up to bat for my clients. I’ve worked for 2 of the “Big 4” accounting firms – working with some of the largest clients in the world. As a licensed tax attorney, I’ve personally settled over $7 million of tax debt and have worked with hundreds of clients. Don’t fight your tax battle alone.

As your IRS tax attorney, I will fight for you . . . and win!”

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