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$13,979,596 Taxes Settled!

Texas Tax Attorney
Texas Tax Attorney

An IRS Tax Attorney Who Fixes Tax Problems for Texans*

Settle IRS Back Taxes

The IRS has several Fresh Start (like the Offer in Compromise settlement program) that can literally wipe out your back taxes for a fraction of what you may owe. As a trusted IRS tax attorney for Texas, I know how to maximize your savings and help you pay as little tax as possible. My firm will even make sure that all of your delinquent returns are caught up and filed. Yep - J. M. Sells Law will take it over completely so you don't have to deal with it.

Resolve IRS Tax Audits

The dreaded IRS tax audit. Yep - it is extremely intimidating. That's why you need representation to protect your rights and ensure that you end up paying as little extra (possibly even nothing) as possible. As a licensed tax attorney for Texas, I know how to fight the IRS on your behalf during an audit and get you the best possible option. My firm will even appeal, if necessary. Whether it's a self-employment audit, or a payroll audit related to the dreaded Trust Fund Recovery Penalty, J. M. Sells Law has you covered!

Remove IRS Liens & Levies

If the IRS has filed a tax lien against you, there are several ways to get it removed, including withdrawal, release, and subordination. A tax lien is against your property, where a levy (or seizure) is typically against your bank balances or wages. Many times, I can also stop a levy, depending on your case facts. If there is a levy against you, many times, there is an IRS Revenue Officer involved. You don't want to mess around with them. Give an IRS tax attorney a call today to get your IRS tax case resolved.


J. M. Sells Law Will Stand with You Against the IRS

Texas Tax Attorney

If you’re facing tax trouble with the IRS in Texas, J. M. Sells Law is the team to call. You may be saying, “I need a Texas tax attorney.” Call J. M. Sells Law today. My firm handles IRS back tax and IRS tax audits.


JM. Sells Law represents taxpayers in Texas and across the U.S. before the U.S. Tax Court and the IRS. Our  IRS tax Attorney has helped  hundreds of taxpayers resolve over $14 million in IRS tax debt. Just a brief conversation with us can save you thousands of dollars.


Our professional experience with IRS tax law is built upon subject matter know-how and an in-depth understanding of this dense and complicated area of tax law, including IRS appeals.


To schedule a free case analysis for your IRS problems, call our IRS Tax Attorney * at 330-331-7611 or contact us online

Texas Tax Attorney

Real IRS Clients. Real Success Stories.

Trusted IRS Tax Attorney for Texas
Texas Tax Attorney
Settled for only $750
Settled with the IRS Offer in Compromise
Caught up 4 delinquent tax returns
Took the offer to IRS Appeals
Michelle used a legal fee payment plan
She got a fresh start & owes $0 taxes
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Texas Tax Attorney
Andrew & Stacy
Resolved for $0
Approved for an IRS Financial Hardship
Stopped an Active Wage Garnishment
Fully Resolved in <30 Days
Interest-free legal fee payment plan
Got the IRS off their back
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Texas Tax Attorney
Settled for $49,000
Our largest IRS settlement yet
Took over 2 years and IRS appeals
Stopped an active wage garnishment
Brian's liens were removed
Finally got the IRS off his back
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Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Meet IRS Tax Attorney Joshua Sells

Are you sitting up nights worrying about your home and wages being taken by the IRS? Dodging phone calls and letters, hoping the threat of losing everything you’ve worked for will disappear?

I’ve been in your shoes. I, too, spent agonizing months imagining utter ruin when I faced the same peril years ago. At some point, you simply have to face the music. And the sooner you face it, the less costly your outcome will be, and the sooner you’ll find yourself breathing a whole lot easier.

Today, I am an IRS tax attorney dedicated to helping Texans in IRS tax crisis. As a licensed IRS lawyer with over ten years of experience navigating complex tax issues, I will take your tax case off of your hands so you don’t have to deal with the IRS. When I tackle your tax crisis, you’ll enjoy immediate relief, followed by a fresh start! I'll tell the IRS I'm your attorney and to communicate ONLY with me. I'll stop all IRS collection efforts, including wage garnishment. I'll find the best possible solution and get your tax issue fixed.
Texas Tax Attorney

Tax Attorney Joshua Sells

1001 Texas Avenue, Suite 1429
Houston, Texas 77002


Low Flat Rate

J. M. Sells Law has extensive experience and can tell you precisely what your flat rate legal fees will be. We have interest-free payment plans too.

Licensed IRS Tax Attorney

Josh is a real licensed IRS tax relief attorney. Don’t fall for “tax group” scams from unlicensed “tax relief firms.”

High IRS Success Rate

As a licensed IRS tax relief attorney, you know you will get results. I shoot straight and will tell you exactly what to expect.

Money Back Guarantee

If I don’t get the resolution that I tell you I can get, I will refund your entire legal fee – how’s that for a guarantee? See FAQ page below for more details.

Client reviews

Read the reviews from IRS tax clients

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Based on 48 reviews
The Phoenix Code 616
The Phoenix Code 616
They resolved my tax issues very quickly and efficiently. It only took three months and they saved me thousands of dollars mistakenly places upon me. Thank you again.
Philana Harper
Philana Harper
While I didn't end up using J.M. Sells for now, they were nothing but professional, courteous, kind, and responsive to my calls, emails, and questions. They sent impressive welcome videos and a gift for their new clients and it really makes an impact! When I need them, I'll be back!
James Bruno
James Bruno
I am very happy with the performance and professionalism of Joshua Sells. He and his colleagues were easy to work with and kept me updated throughout the process. I recommend them to anyone encountering federal tax issues.
Damon Mintz
Damon Mintz
Josh and his team did an incredible for me!! I highly recommend them.
Don McDowell
Don McDowell
I am very pleased with J.M sells Law.Josh and his team are very professional and prompt.All you have to do is provide the information and documents they request.They will handle the rest.I am very pleased with the outcome of my situation.I believe J.M Sells Law got me the best resolution possible.Thank you Josh
Curtis Sanders
Curtis Sanders
J.M. Sells Law has made a very stressful situation easier to deal with. They work directly with the IRS on your behalf and are great with communicating every step of the process with you. I highly recommend this firm. Great team to have on your side. I trust them implicitly.
Jirom Micael
Jirom Micael
JM Sells Law really helped me with my tax case and ended up getting it closed very shortly after taking my case. The lawyers and staff are very responsive and hands on and I would definitely recommend them as well as work with them again! Thank you JM Sells Law for saving me and getting my case closed!
Anthony Riehle
Anthony Riehle
I called Josh and explained my problem he gave me a fair price and as soon as I signed the paperwork they got to work. Exactly what was promised was delivered and no unexpected expenses.
Robert Chubb
Robert Chubb
Josh and the Team stayed in Regular contact throughout the whole process. If there were any documents needed they walked me through step by step. They were honest and straightforward and I am happy to say they saved me tens of thousands of dollars through my Settlement with the IRS.
Martin Hill
Martin Hill
First time I've used legal help, they made me feel comfortable and kept me in the loop of the process as things happened, very professional. I'm very satisfied with the results I received. I highly recommend using them.

Texas Tax Attorney

Have some questions?

Check out some of our FAQ's with answers from our IRS Tax Attorney. Have another questions? Ask us today!

How much does it cost for a case consultation with an IRS tax attorney for Texas?

Zero. Nothing. Free. We don’t charge anything for a free case consultation. We will discuss by phone your case, give you our recommendation, and explain what your life would look like with out the weight of the IRS hanging over your head.

Do I need a Texas tax attorney to handle the IRS?

No you do not. IRS tax resolution is a “federal jurisdiction.” So, as long as you hire an attorney that is part of a the bar of one of the 50 states, that attorney can be authorized to represent you before the IRS.

What is this money back guarantee you are talking about?

Great question. No, we’re not crazy to offer this. We just really believe in what we are doing. If you hire us to do an IRS Offer in Compromise, we will do a complete financial analysis of your situation (we will put you through a similar review of what the IRS will do when they evaluate you for the Offer in Compromise). If your financial situation at that point of time does not meet the qualification criteria of the Offer in Compromise, we will refund your money and let you cancel the engagement with us – no questions asked!

Once you agree to submit the Offer to the IRS, however, if your financial situation changes or you did not disclose something to us, we can’t guarantee those results. So, up to the point of submitting the Offer, if you do not qualify for the IRS Offer in Compromise, we will refund your money.

What is the IRS Fresh Start Program?

We get this one a lot. The IRS Fresh Start program includes the IRS Offer in Compromise. It is the classic “IRS tax settlement” program that you have likely heard of. Fresh Start. Settlement. Offer in Compromise. They are typically the same thing in regards to the IRS.

Do you handle IRS tax audits too?

Yep. Sure do. If you are under audit by the IRS, we absolutely handle those kind of cases. And we’re really good at them too. We handle IRS back tax resolution (Offer in Compromise, financial hardship, lien and levy releases, payment plans, etc.) and IRS tax audits (self-employment, child tax credits, business, etc.).

Do you handle Texas taxes (through the Texas Comptroller, etc.)?

No we do not. We only handle IRS tax. We have an office in Texas, but we are not licensed to represent Texas taxpayers before Texas agencies . . . we can only represent Texans before the IRS and U.S. tax court. IRS tax is our specialty, so we focus absolutely and exclusively on federal income tax.

If I hire you as my tax attorney, can I afford the legal fees?

Absolutely! First of all, our legal fees are extremely reasonable. We do not bill by the hour or nickel-and-dime you. We do everything “flat rate.” What that means is we will tell you during the case consultation precisely what our legal fee will be for your case and what is included. No surprises later on or crazy bills showing up in your mailbox.

Second of all, we offer interest-free payments plans for our legal fees. That’s right . . . even if you cannot afford to pay off your legal fees at the start, we will let you make payments to us (up to 36 months in some cases) without having to pay interest!

Finally, we are super flexible. We realize that life happens. If you need to bump a payment back or make alternative arrangements, we can work with you on that.

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