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If you are looking for IRS back taxes help, then J. M. Sells Law is your one-stop shop for IRS problems. We handle IRS back tax, IRS tax audits, IRS lien removal, and everything IRS in between.

1. How much does it cost for a consultation to get back taxes help?

Zero. Nothing. Free. We don’t charge anything for a free case consultation. We will discuss by phone your case, give you our recommendation, and explain what your life would look like with out the weight of the IRS hanging over your head.

2. What is this money back guarantee you are talking about?

Great question. No, we’re not crazy to offer this. We just really believe in what we are doing. If you hire us to do an IRS Offer in Compromise, we will do a complete financial analysis of your situation (we will put you through a similar review of what the IRS will do when they evaluate you for the Offer in Compromise). If your financial situation at that point of time does not meet the qualification criteria of the Offer in Compromise, we will refund your money and let you cancel the engagement with us – no questions asked!

Once you agree to submit the Offer to the IRS, however, if your financial situation changes or you did not disclose something to us, we can’t guarantee those results. So, up to the point of submitting the Offer, if you do not qualify for the IRS Offer in Compromise, we will refund your money.

3. What is the IRS Fresh Start Program?

We get this one a lot. The IRS Fresh Start program includes the IRS Offer in Compromise. It is the classic “IRS tax settlement” program that you have likely heard of. Fresh Start. Settlement. Offer in Compromise. They are typically the same thing in regards to the IRS.

4. Besides IRS back taxes help, do you handle IRS audits too?

Yep. Sure do. If you are under audit by the IRS, we absolutely handle those kind of cases. And we’re really good at them too. We handle IRS back tax resolution (Offer in Compromise, financial hardship, lien and levy releases, payment plans, etc.) and IRS tax audits (self-employment, child tax credits, business, etc.).

5. Do you handle Texas taxes (through the Texas Comptroller, etc.)?

No we do not. We only handle IRS tax. We have an office in Texas, but we are not licensed to represent Texas taxpayers before Texas agencies . . . we can only represent Texans before the IRS and U.S. tax court. IRS tax is our specialty, so we focus absolutely and exclusively on federal income tax.

6.If I hire you for IRS back taxes help or to handle an IRS tax audit, can I afford the legal fees?

Absolutely! First of all, our legal fees are extremely reasonable. We do not bill by the hour or nickel-and-dime you. We do everything “flat rate.” What that means is we will tell you during the case consultation precisely what our legal fee will be for your case and what is included. No surprises later on or crazy bills showing up in your mailbox.

Second of all, we offer interest-free payments plans for our legal fees. That’s right . . . even if you cannot afford to pay off your legal fees at the start, we will let you make payments to us (up to 36 months in some cases) without having to pay interest!

Finally, we are super flexible. We realize that life happens. If you need to bump a payment back or make alternative arrangements, we can work with you on that.

7. Besides the Offer in Compromise, are there any other IRS Back Tax options?

Besides the Offer in Compromise, there is (1) financial hardship,, (2) installment agreements with penalty removal, (3) amended returns/appeals, (4) innocent spouse relief , and (5) Collection Statute Expiration Date.

Josh has a lot of experience determining the best course of action – whatever he decided with you will likely save you a ton of money in taxes. Best of all, he does the case consultation for free, so you will know ahead of time what your options are without having to pay a dime!

8. How do I contact you?

The best way is to give us a call at 330-331-7611. We offer completely free case consultations. You can also submit a request online for a free case consultation by clicking here.

9. Do I have to come into the office for my case?

Nope! We can handle your IRS case completely remotely. In fact, we prefer it that way as we are able to be much more efficient and quicker with your case – get’s the IRS off your back sooner. We use a secure client portal to exchange documents and have an extensive phone and email support system.

10. What kind of licensure do you have?

We are part of the Ohio bar and the U. S. tax court bar. We are licensed to represent taxpayers in all 50 U. S. states before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). We have an office in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas. We are not part of the Texas bar, and we only handle federal IRS matters for Texas clients. We cannot advise you on a Texas state tax matter or represent you before a Texas court or agency. We handle only federal IRS matters.

If you need IRS back taxes help or IRS audit support, learn more about J. M. Sells Law.

J. M. Sells Law is a IRS Law Firm for Texas for IRS back taxes help. Call us today at 330-331-7611 to get the IRS off of your back for good.

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What is the IRS Offer in Compromise?

The IRS Offer in Compromise is a tax settlement with the IRS, that is based on the assets and income. It is a great way to resolve your IRS back taxes for a fraction of what you owe.

What do I do if I owe the IRS back taxes?

The IRS has several options to resolve your back taxes. Those may include setting up long-term payment plans, filing an Offer in Compromise tax settlement, or temporarily closing your collections case with a financial hardship. Your precise resolution depends on your income and assets.

Do I qualify for an IRS Offer in Compromise?

It depends. If you have all of your returns filed and are current with your estimated taxes or withholdings (and are not in bankruptcy), then you may submit an Offer in Compromise. However, whether you qualify will depend on your income and assets.