IRS Audit Red Flags: Seven Common Audit Triggers

Watch my latest YouTube video on IRS Audit Red Flags : 7 Reason the IRS Will Audit You

What are the chances of being audited by the IRS? In this video we’re exploring IRS Audit Red Flags with the top 7 triggers to avoid when filing your tax return.

Ever wonder what triggers a tax audit?

Sometimes, tax returns are randomly pulled for audit regardless of what you did. However, properly mitigating common audit triggers can prevent it from happening in the first place.

If your tax return gets pulled for audit, be prepared to submit to the IRS all the information they’re requesting. IRS audits usually happen within a few years but the IRS may go back six years or longer if it finds serious errors on your tax return. .Tax Attorney Joshua Sells

If handling the tax audit, especially if you are self-employed, on your own is to overwhelming, then consider hiring a law attorney to help you navigate the process successfully. Today, I own a Texas IRS tax law firm dedicated to helping taxpayers in crisis.

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